I hope that everyone in your family is well and have survived lockdown.

I am sure that many of you, as I am, are looking forward to returning to school, college or work. After careful consideration, I am looking to re-open the practice on Monday 8th June 2020. Initially, priority will be given to emergencies and patients with long term issues. 

The appointments will be longer and will be staggered, in order to guarantee patients’ safety and the general hygiene of the practice. It is hoped that examinations and non-emergency treatment hopefully begin by later this year. The safety of my patients and staff will always be of the highest priority, and consequently major changes

Will need to be enforced: at least in the immediate future.

Appointment will also be different in a number of ways. I have enclosed a list of instructions at the end of this letter. Please do not be put off by the length and tone of the list. I am only following the advice that has been published by the chef dental officer. My receptionist will be contacting you the day before your appointment to repeat the instructions and to answer any questions. On the day of your visit a member of staff will be guiding you through every step.

I look forward to welcoming everyone back to the practice.

Unfortunately, due to the extra infection control measures and the need to stagger appointments there maybe a small increase in cost of your visit. I shall be monitoring this situation and hope to be able to return prices in the near future to previous levels.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Charles Balcombe

Instructions for your visit to The Balcombe Practice

  •  Your appointment can still booked in the usual way. The Reception will manned from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday and you will be able to call to arrange a time.
  •  Priority will be given to emergencies or patients with long-term problems.
  •  You will be contacted the day before the appointment and your medical history checked. Any patients who has symptoms or think they may have symptoms of coronavirus will have their appointment rebooked. These symptoms include: fatigue, fever, persistent cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, delirium, chills or skin rashes on toes.
  •  On the day of the appointment you must attend promptly. This will ensure we have the full time to disinfect the surgeries between appointments. If you are late, I reserve the right not to see you. You will be charged the minimum amount for the visit.
  •  Please ensure that the minimum number of people attend. A child can be accompanied by only one adult. That person must be under the age of 70. Please do not bring other children. Please also ensure that you attend with the minimum number of bags.
  •  Please ensure that you have used the toilet before arriving. Toilet facilities will only be allowed in an emergency. After use by a patient, the room will need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  •  When you reach the surgery, please telephone the receptionist. In order to maintain social distancing, she may ask you to wait, either in your car or outside the surgery. You will then be asked to enter the surgery. Please be careful to ensure that you touch as little as possible.
  •  The will be a strict no eating policy for patients within the building.
  •  All reception staff and dentists will be wearing a surgical mask at all times. During treatment, a more elaborate protective mask may be required. Visors, hair covering, shoe covers and gowns may also be worn.
  • You may wish to warn young children before your visit of this to prevent them from becoming frightened.
  •  During June it is likely that only emergency treatment will be able to be offered. Radiograph will be kept to an absolute minimum. It is my intention to employ as little aerosol generating equipment, as possible, in the first few weeks of opening after lockdown.
  •  Following treatment you will be asked to leave the treatment room. That room will be thoroughly cleaned. The receptionist will be seated behind a plastic screen and will deal with your next appointment and payment.